About Us


The Sourth Rome Redevelopment Corporation is working with the city of Rome and other partners to revitalize the South Rome community. The thirteen member Board of Directors wishes to redevelop South Rome by expanding homeownership opportunity, providing affordable housing chioces and appropriate economic development, creating educational opportunities, and promoting active community leadership and involvement. 

Aproximately 10% of the City's population live in South Rome in a small geographic area. The primary goal of the SRRC is revitalization of South Rome into a safe, clean, and livable community. In order to achieve this goal the Board will partner with the residents and the broader community to introduce strategies for the following activities:

* Increase affordable/attainable housing options

* Create pride in education

Our Mission
To achieve redevelopment in South Rome through homeownership, affordable housing choices, educational opportunities, active community involvement, leadership, and appropriate economic development.

Our Vision
The South Rome Redevelopment Corporation is dedicated to ensuring that South Rome is a clean, safe, vibrant and beautiful community as well as a pleasant place to live, work, worship, and learn.

* Establish a central center for educational excellence

* Increase pride in neighborhoods

* Reduce the perception and reality of criminal activity

* Attract private investment

* Improve the physical appearance of commercial areas

* Increase the number of jobs in South Rome

* Foster private investment

* Create a business incubator

Current activities include a partnership with Mercy Housing Southeast for the construction of a 77 unit mixed income complex along the Etowah River for seniors, a two million dollar publicly funded streetscape, and participation in the planning and construction of a new neighborhood elementary school

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